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  • Q 1) What is GoKart Digital Marketing?

    We are a group of dedicated, industrious, and service oriented people started an endeavor to reach at the common people (our esteemed customers) to provide the best service ever through online retailing. It is a pure ethical business oriented concern with highest social values.

  • Q 2) What exactly it does?

    Ans. We are directly concerned with digital marketing in retail sector. Our concern is to provide the best quality goods at the customers' doorstep with a reasonable sales price. We earned the best service provider award from our esteemed customers because of our automated and simple web reach.

  • Q 3) How do I become an Esteemed Customer of GoKart Digital Marketing?

    Ans. To become an esteemed customer, simply you need to pay advance of 1,200/- .

  • Q 4) Why should I pay 1,200/- whereas I may find an alternative?

    Ans. No doubt you will surely get an alternative but by paying 1,200/- instantly you are going to get GoKart coupon of worth 1,800/- with 36 coupons of worth 50/- each which you may use when you will purchase goods from GoKart.

  • Q 5) How long my coupons will remain active ?

    Ans. Your coupons will never expire within a year and it may carry forward to the next year too.

  • Q 6) Are GoKart coupons are eligible outside of GoKart Digital Marketing?

    Ans. It is going to happen in the near future, just have patience.

  • Q 7) What are the other benefits shall I get by registering myself as a GoKartian?

    Ans. Becoming a registered customer of GoKart is always profitable, for example, after registration you may access some of the benefits which are as follows: i) You would purchase goods with special royal discount offer, b) You may order products above 1,000/- and your delivery charges will free and the products will reach at your doorstep with easy. You will definitely get discount.

  • Q 8) Is there any other special benefits like passive income?

    Ans. Yes, obviously, when you will refer to a person, you will earn 10% of the registration amount. For example, 10% of 1,200/- is 120/- as a respected brand ambassador. Another 1% income you will get on purchases made by the persons to whom you have referred. This 1% benefit you will earn for a period of 12 months.

  • Q 9) Is it a MLM business or a binary one?

    Ans. No, not at all. It is simply an online digital retail marketing business.

  • Q 10) How much my transactions will secure in terms of money and products concerned?

    Ans. We are doing most secure monetary business transactions with our respected and esteemed customers. Dedicated and powerful windows servers are serving with a very low downtime which makes your transaction a pleasant one.

  • Q 11) Have you any doubts?

    Ans. Please contact any one of the following given mobile numbers and get clarified instantaneously: 9040346743, 9437980182